Human Growth Hormone Common Use and Possible Abuse

June 9, 2017


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Human growth hormone (HGH) is a substance which controls the growth of the body. The pituitary gland makes it. HGH helps kids grow taller, decreases body fat and increases muscle mass. In both adults and children, HGH helps in controlling the metabolism of the body. During the process of metabolism, food is changed into energy by cells which also make other substances the body needs.

People with too little or too much growth hormone may have health issues. A deficiency in growth hormone can be treated with synthetic HGH.

The Use of Growth Hormone Therapy

The FDA has approved growth hormone treatment for some conditions. The hormone can be bought only by prescription and must be injected. Synthetic growth hormone is effective and safe when used as prescribed for the conditions approved by the FDA. In children, growth hormone is used to treat GH deficiency as well as conditions which cause short stature like chronic kidney disease, Prader-Willi syndrome and Turner syndrome. Meanwhile, in adults growth hormone is used for treating muscle tissue loss from HIV and short bowel syndrome in addition to GH deficiency.

Appropriateness of Growth Hormone for Healthy Adults

Research of healthy adults who take GH has produced some conflicting results. A number of short-term research revealed that older adults increased strength and endurance with decreased fat mass and increased muscle after taking HGH for sale ( However, other studies didn’t reveal similar benefits. More research is needed in order to fully understand the risks and benefits of using growth hormone in healthy adults.

Growth Hormone Abuse

Sometimes, people take growth hormone illegally in order to stop or reverse aging effects or enhance athletic performance. A number of athletes think that taking growth hormone won’t achieve the desired results so they end up taking the hormone along with anabolic steroids in order to build muscle, decreased body fat and increase strength.

It is possible for growth hormone users to experience harmful side effects as they abuse it. Short-term use can result in side effects like muscle and joint pain, joint swelling and fluid buildup. When growth hormone is injected with shared needles, users are likely to be exposed to AIDS, HIV or hepatitis. Ingesting high GH doses over a long time is likely to contribute to heart disease.

Growth hormone that is sold illegally may be composed of unknown and possibly harmful ingredients. For example, when people take growth hormone derived from human tissue, they are at risk of developing Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, a fatal brain disorder.


April 12, 2017


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When a research was made, the experts gathered that people who are stressed hardly remembers what working out means. While those who weren’t carried out the routine effectively.

Most times people with stress becomes physically in active.


Those who are stressed tend to be emotionally unstable.

In fact they snap at trivial issues and mood swings become your favorite companion.

Their self-esteem becomes very low too.

This emotional vulnerability likely relates to the effects stress has on your brain which in turn hinders the effect of your work outs.


Stress can hinder your process of thinking, perceiving and evaluating which is closely related to making decisions.

If your memory is unstable probability that you will get very confused while making decision is very high which can in turn lead to frustration especially in making life changing decisions.

Most of the time, the part of your brain which is affected by stress is the short and long term memory.

Both are used to process many piece of information, so when you’re stressed there’s no way you can process effectively.

Even the simplest tasks become very difficult to carry out.

Simplest tasks like work outs.


It is concerned with the processing of information in the brain.

Stress can hinder motor control and coordination in your cerebrum which is a part of your brain that aids the processing of information received.

Stress makes the muscle in the brain become tensed which can disrupt physical performance, slow down tissue repairs in the body and makes you prone to physical injury.


It can be very difficult and in some cases impossible to keep on track with so much stress.

To get rid of stress in your body, try to found out some of the things you can do that can help you.

Sometimes vacation to a very secluded, fun and beautiful place can be the perfect solution.

You shouldn’t give up on your work out routines just because it doesn’t look like it’s working out. In fact keeping pace with your workouts will help, provided that you make an effort to keep your mind straight.

No one said it’s going to be easy doing that, all you need is determination.

The chronic stress

April 12, 2017


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The chronic stress has also been known to hinder adequate sleep, eating and sometimes makes one very depressed.

Those with chronic stress also tend to get very tired after few hours of working than those who isn’t stressed.

Lissa Rankin, the author of Mind over medicine made some studies and he found out that the microscopic cellular processes that repairs damage in the body are facilitated by your state of mind.

So if you’re stressed the impact of your workouts will take longer because the little left to repair your body has been used up.


Someone who I know of sustained an injury during one of his work outs.

He had a family issue which involved custody of his children and while he was carrying out his workout routine on a tread mill, he slipped and fell because he kept thinking about it.

Though the injury wasn’t serious but it could have been if he was not immediately rushed to a nearby hospital.

Main life stresses like moving, divorce, death of a family member, getting a flat tire or a speeding ticket, losing your cell phone, etc. can increase your risk of exercise injury.


Sometimes the reason why we work out is to shed extra flesh from our body.

But with stress, working out can actually give you the opposite result of what you actually want.

Instead of shedding the extra flesh, you gain extra.

The reason for that is because stress changes the way fat is deposited into our body, due to the chemicals and hormones our body secretes.

One of those chemicals is called cortisol. When it is produced, the body stores more fat as energy.

This was also discovered by professional researchers.

If you want maximum results during workouts, you have to keep your worries out of your mind so you won’t get stressed.

Or you only work out when you’re not stressed.


 Blurry visions can sometimes be a pointer to stress

It was found out eye twitches, temporary blindness and blurry visions were sometimes due to stress in the body.

Because the eyes and your brain are intertwined, the secretion of the cortisol chemical in the body has its own side effects on the way you see things and process visual cues. More info on

 With chronic stress, your adrenaline level stays elevated, potentially causing pressure in your eyes, distorted or blurred vision, tunnel vision, and eye strain.

Sometimes, your pupil starts to dilate and the muscles around your face tighten, which constricts the blood vessels feeding your eyes.

 This then contributes to eye strain, headaches, and decreased visual acuity.


Sometimes your motivation to keep up with your workout routines just becomes less appealing after a stressful day.

The willingness to work out just doesn’t come to mind because of stress.

I love to workout.

April 12, 2017


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It is the best way to burn fat, get fit and stay healthy. I make it a habit to do my routines during the week and visit the gym on weekends.

But then i noticed I couldn’t keep up because I kept thinking about so many things like the pending work, my impulsive clients and some other problems.

The reason I couldn’t keep up was because I was always getting tired.

I was stressed mentally and so was my body.

I also found out the two were closely intertwined. If the brain is tired, the body also becomes tired.

But the harmful effects of stress are actually far reaching. Here are 10 ways stress can disrupt your fitness efforts.


When you become stressed, your level of concentration becomes relatively low because you won’t be able to focus.

Let’s take for example someone trying to play tennis and his mind keeps drifting to some of the family issues he has at work.

His chances of winning become very slim.

Stress therefore affects the level of your mental focus and concentration.

Human attention is divided into external and internal.

Most times when you’re stressed, you are preoccupied with the cause of the stress which is the internal focus, so you have fewer resources available for the workout routines which is the external focus.

This is how stress can hinder concentration.


Fitness can also be hindered by stress.

As I mentioned earlier in the beginning of this article how I couldn’t keep fit because I was stressed, most of my fitness workout didn’t work for me.

When you start to work out in other to keep fit, your body especially your muscles, lungs and heart starts to get use to the routine thereby making you fitter.

The VO2 max is used by fitness experts to check the level of your fitness and how much oxygen your body takes up doing the routine.

When some researchers made efforts to study some people it was found out that those who were stressed weren’t getting their desired effects of the workout.

While others were getting maximum effect from the workouts because they were not stressed like the others. Check out this

Stress will always be a hindrance to your workouts just like it was to me.


Stress can slow that the impact of your workouts or exercise.

And there are two types of stress namely the chronic and the acute stress.

The chronic stress comes from mental stress which is bad for the body while the acute stress comes from workouts.

Therefore means that exercise itself is a stress but a good one which is good for the body.

Stress makes the body system weak therefore hinders the effect of your workouts.

That makes it impossible for your body to respond to acute stress.

Research over the years has also shown that that with chronic stress gets lower impact of workouts on their body .