I love to workout.

April 12, 2017


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It is the best way to burn fat, get fit and stay healthy. I make it a habit to do my routines during the week and visit the gym on weekends.

But then i noticed I couldn’t keep up because I kept thinking about so many things like the pending work, my impulsive clients and some other problems.

The reason I couldn’t keep up was because I was always getting tired.

I was stressed mentally and so was my body.

I also found out the two were closely intertwined. If the brain is tired, the body also becomes tired.

But the harmful effects of stress are actually far reaching. Here are 10 ways stress can disrupt your fitness efforts.


When you become stressed, your level of concentration becomes relatively low because you won’t be able to focus.

Let’s take for example someone trying to play tennis and his mind keeps drifting to some of the family issues he has at work.

His chances of winning become very slim.

Stress therefore affects the level of your mental focus and concentration.

Human attention is divided into external and internal.

Most times when you’re stressed, you are preoccupied with the cause of the stress which is the internal focus, so you have fewer resources available for the workout routines which is the external focus.

This is how stress can hinder concentration.


Fitness can also be hindered by stress.

As I mentioned earlier in the beginning of this article how I couldn’t keep fit because I was stressed, most of my fitness workout didn’t work for me.

When you start to work out in other to keep fit, your body especially your muscles, lungs and heart starts to get use to the routine thereby making you fitter.

The VO2 max is used by fitness experts to check the level of your fitness and how much oxygen your body takes up doing the routine.

When some researchers made efforts to study some people it was found out that those who were stressed weren’t getting their desired effects of the workout.

While others were getting maximum effect from the workouts because they were not stressed like the others. Check out this https://tlcsport.co.uk/

Stress will always be a hindrance to your workouts just like it was to me.


Stress can slow that the impact of your workouts or exercise.

And there are two types of stress namely the chronic and the acute stress.

The chronic stress comes from mental stress which is bad for the body while the acute stress comes from workouts.

Therefore means that exercise itself is a stress but a good one which is good for the body.

Stress makes the body system weak therefore hinders the effect of your workouts.

That makes it impossible for your body to respond to acute stress.

Research over the years has also shown that that with chronic stress gets lower impact of workouts on their body .