The chronic stress

April 12, 2017


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The chronic stress has also been known to hinder adequate sleep, eating and sometimes makes one very depressed.

Those with chronic stress also tend to get very tired after few hours of working than those who isn’t stressed.

Lissa Rankin, the author of Mind over medicine made some studies and he found out that the microscopic cellular processes that repairs damage in the body are facilitated by your state of mind.

So if you’re stressed the impact of your workouts will take longer because the little left to repair your body has been used up.


Someone who I know of sustained an injury during one of his work outs.

He had a family issue which involved custody of his children and while he was carrying out his workout routine on a tread mill, he slipped and fell because he kept thinking about it.

Though the injury wasn’t serious but it could have been if he was not immediately rushed to a nearby hospital.

Main life stresses like moving, divorce, death of a family member, getting a flat tire or a speeding ticket, losing your cell phone, etc. can increase your risk of exercise injury.


Sometimes the reason why we work out is to shed extra flesh from our body.

But with stress, working out can actually give you the opposite result of what you actually want.

Instead of shedding the extra flesh, you gain extra.

The reason for that is because stress changes the way fat is deposited into our body, due to the chemicals and hormones our body secretes.

One of those chemicals is called cortisol. When it is produced, the body stores more fat as energy.

This was also discovered by professional researchers.

If you want maximum results during workouts, you have to keep your worries out of your mind so you won’t get stressed.

Or you only work out when you’re not stressed.


 Blurry visions can sometimes be a pointer to stress

It was found out eye twitches, temporary blindness and blurry visions were sometimes due to stress in the body.

Because the eyes and your brain are intertwined, the secretion of the cortisol chemical in the body has its own side effects on the way you see things and process visual cues. More info on

 With chronic stress, your adrenaline level stays elevated, potentially causing pressure in your eyes, distorted or blurred vision, tunnel vision, and eye strain.

Sometimes, your pupil starts to dilate and the muscles around your face tighten, which constricts the blood vessels feeding your eyes.

 This then contributes to eye strain, headaches, and decreased visual acuity.


Sometimes your motivation to keep up with your workout routines just becomes less appealing after a stressful day.

The willingness to work out just doesn’t come to mind because of stress.